Friday, February 1, 2013

Two-year-old Saves a Life --
Teach Your Toddler To Dial 911
by Anita Wardlaw  

As a teacher and mother, I acquired several safety certifications to help the children and adults in my sphere of influence.

Yet, knowing how and when to call 911 is a top safety tools anyone can master. In fact, there are several reports of people whose lives were saved when service dogs speed-dialed 911. However, the report of an adorable two-year-old who dialed 911, saving the life of her mommy, is melting the hearts of people who are viewing her new video.

I ran across this story of this "little nurse" and thought you migtht enjoy the "cutie" as much as I did. View the link below to have your heart warmed. Enjoy and remember to teach the youth and toddlers in your sphere when and how to dial 911!